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Price Tips for Custom Clothes.

This guide will help to understand different points of custom clothes.

First it is made to order. It is only when you get size you need and maybe very small customization. Usually this way to order not should be very expensive, suit price can be around $450-$ 700.

Second it is Made to Measure. This way made suit, we use customer's measurements , but we not building for customer personnel pattern, we use existing patterns and just manipulate for individual measurements and more customization can be available for customers. Price can be from $1500- $2500

Third way to make it is Bespoke made suit. This is best way to do custom made clothes. This way any customization available, 75% of garment made by hand, personal custom pattern made for each garment. Price can be from $5000- $7500.

All prices not included cost of fabrics.

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