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The Future of Fashion: A Look Towards 2024 Fashion Direction

1. Bold Color Suits: Bright and bold colors are making a comeback. Think electric blue, hot pink, and vibrant purple suits that make a statement.

2. Oversized Blazers: The 80's inspired oversized blazers are back in vogue. Pair them with slim fit jeans or over a mini dress for a chic look.

3. Puffy Sleeves: Puffy sleeves add a touch of drama and femininity to any outfit. They can be found on dresses, blouses, and even jackets.

4. Leather: Leather is no longer just for jackets. Leather dresses, pants, and even shirts are becoming increasingly popular.

5. Pastel Tones: Pastel tones are perfect for spring and summer. Consider adding some soft pinks, blues, and yellows to the wardrobe.

6. Fringe: Fringe is a fun and playful trend that can be found on everything from jackets to dresses and bags.

7. Animal Prints: Animal prints never seem to go out of style. Whether it's leopard, zebra, or snake print, these bold patterns are a must-have.

8. Crochet: Crochet isn't just for beach cover-ups anymore. Crochet dresses and tops are perfect for a boho chic look.

9. Neon: Neon colors are perfect for those who want to stand out. Add a pop of neon to any outfit with a bag, shoes, or even a neon top.

10. Tie-Dye: This 70's

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