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Discovering your style? Have a picture of a suit you love? An idea for the dress you've always dreamt of? We offer a wide array of custom clothing services to both men and women, making even the most imaginative of styles possible.
(Men & Women)
"Genuine Customization"
Be involved with every design phase of your garment. Whether it's classic, trendy or high fashion, have the freedom to customize every detail. From finding the perfect fit to choosing premium fabrics to picking out your favorite colors, everything will be personalized to your exact specifications.

Your dedicated Eugene Clothier will take over 75 measurements and guide you in selecting the right fabrics and customizations that best complement your personal style. We are offering custom made suits, custom dress shirts and much more....
(Men & Women)
Whether you're looking for a greater range of colors, patterns or fabric qualities, our made-to-measure program is designed to suit all of your stylistic needs. Just pick the colors and fabrics and we'll take the measurements, make the pattern and customize the fit just for you.
(Men & Women)
Choose from one of our wonderful in-store, ready-to-wear lines.
Looking to expand your fashion expertise? Or maybe just need some help finding your style? Come and visit with one of our consultants and explore the hottest fashion trends on the market.
Need an existing garment remodeled or resized? We also offer alterations on several types of clothing, including vintage items as well as family heirlooms. Our master tailors are available by appointment.
Completely remodel your old fur to today's latest fashions. Convert any coat to a raincoat with our wonderful, waterproof outerwear shell. Revitalize your fur with with our gorgeous selection of linings or remodel it with new trims, collars and cuffs.
Looking for the perfect sweater? Choose from dozens of styles presented in our catalog or build your own, custom piece-hand or machine made-with the help of our master kneader. From lush cashmere blends to the smoothest of silks, the yarn our sweaters carry remains unmatched in both comfort as well as fit. Have a picture of one you simply adore? We can design that very same sweater from scratch-just for you. You may also further personalize your piece with custom embroidering

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