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How choose write fabric for custom clothes.

Choosing the right fabric for custom clothes involves several steps:

1. Determine the Purpose: Consider what you are making and its purpose. A ball gown requires a different fabric than a summer dress or a business suit.

2. Understand Fabric Types: Research different types of fabrics and their properties. Some are naturals, some are not. Some are warm, some are cool. Some drape well, some stand out.

3. Consider the Season: The climate and season in which the clothing will be worn should also influence your fabric choice. Lighter fabrics like cotton and linen are good for summer, while heavier ones like wool and velvet are better for winter.

4. Check the Pattern Recommendations: If using a pattern, check the recommendations for fabric types. These suggestions can usually guide you towards a fabric that will work well with the design.

5. Touch and Feel: If possible, visit a fabric store and feel the fabrics. This can help you understand the texture, weight, and drape of different materials.

6. Consider the Care Instructions: Some fabrics require special care, like dry cleaning, or are prone to shrinking. Make sure you’re willing to care for them as required.

7. Choose the Color and Print: Finally, choose a color or print that suits your personal style and the design of the clothing. Remember, lighter colors might be see-through, and prints might need to be matched at the seams.

8. Ask for help of the professionals.

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